[ 24 Nov 2014 | Category: Arts & Crafts, Front Page ]

If you know me (and if you’re reading this it’s safe to assume you do), you know that the words “Simple” and “Holiday” don’t really go together in any sentences I would say. I’m an unashamed Christmas Nut. I love the Holidays, I even love Hanukkah! So,¬†when one of my super-duper graphic designer friends was offering a free digital download of some of her typeface art, one with a Christmas Vacation quote – I just had to jump on it.



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This is Halloween!
[ 31 Oct 2014 | Category: Arts & Crafts, Baby, Life ]

So it seems that this site is resolving itself into some sort of Mom Blog, but I am entirely OK with that. This year, for halloween, Edward and I decided to take full advantage of our daughter’s love of the spotlight, and attention, and over-friendlyness with strangers – and put …

Baby Book Review
[ 22 Oct 2014 | Category: Baby, Life ]

In downtown Toronto it’s no easy feat to get into certain programs or classes (see this article from The GridTO on the issue). So when I was able to get Lydia into Baby Reading Time at the brand-new Fort York Library (after calling for over 2hrs, and then being waitlisted, …

2014 So far
[ 16 Sep 2014 | Category: Baby, Life ]

Lets just skip the whole part about the 14+ month absence and continue on like everyone has kept up to date via Facebook and Instagram, because lets face it, anyone who’s reading this has.
So, TIFF 2014 is over, and the weather has turned drastically to Autumn, and for some reason …

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