Introduction to my Nails

20 February 2013

Alongside the many other changes in my life the last year or so, I’ve also managed to quit biting my fingernails. Although this is certainly not an achievement that ranks among the ultra impressive – it has given me the chance to find a new creative outlet that was previously not available to me – NAIL POLISH.

Nail Art is so hot right now, and I certainly do not consider myself an expert or even a novice – I am simply a hobbiest who does her best not to screw things up too badly. For the first few months I was still using Acrylic Nails to grow out my own – and in the meantime had a few fun experiments, here are a couple of my favorite from the past year… (click photos for full-size);

Vegas Nails

I got my fake nails about a week before I was heading to Vegas for Angelina‘s Cinco De Mayo Wedding – and got the classic French Tips, but felt like I needed to class them up a bit. Added OPI’s Rainbow Connection, and was delighted! Fancy! Tacky!
So Vegas!

Vacation/Pride Nails

The first time I ever used stick-on polish strips, I actually bought these at the Dollar Store, and they worked out great – even if they only lasted a week. I loved them especially since they matched the outfit I wore during my Engagement Party in Edmonton (seen here), and thought I was pretty clever for matching the two. I’ve since bought additional stick-ons from Dollarama with much less success, but love the Brand Name types.

Maid of Honour Nails

I am particularly proud of these nails because I chose the colour when I didn’t have my dress with me – and it turned out perfect. OPI’s Nomad’s Dream, a shimmery Taupe that was class all the way! I got these professionally done (as I needed an acrylic fill-in) so there was no hope I’d screw it up myself.


Wedding Nails

This photo is actually from a test I did about a week before my wedding – the actual result was even prettier. I used purple tips under OPI’s Up Front and Personal, which was the colour Angelina wore (I had picked out) for her wedding, she bought a bottle from the Salon that did her nails on her wedding day, and let me borrow it. Awww. :)


Christmas Series
A new set every week leading up to Christmas.

1 – Christmas Tree Nails, bright green base, and top coat of multicolour confetti (custom gift from Varnish Vixen on Etsy).
2 – Festive Polka Dots & Hand-Painted Tree. Apparition Custom (no stick glitter) from Varnish Vixen base. I hand-painted the Christmas Tree, which turned out AMAZING!
3 – White & Silver, I wanted to do something really simple before my last week. I loved the tree so much from last week I kept it with this set – on my right hand.
4 – Candy Cane, the most elaborate nails I’ve ever done by far. This was the only one of the series that I planned in advance, having to buy the Sally Hansen Peppermint Twist nail strips online (as they were part of 2011 Holiday series and couldn’t be found in-store). With those obtained, I added the green and silver stripes, and top coat to make one of my favourite nail designs of ALL TIME!

Valentines Nails

The photo doesn’t do these nails justice. I loaded on the sparkle, using: Kleancolor Pearl Pink, Sally Hansen Sparkling Rose, OPI’s Excuse Moi, and finally a few hearts from a bottle of Island Girl ‘Big Wave’, which is only sold at ABC Stores. (I bought in Vegas last year & the only other person I can confirm owns this exact polish wrote a neat article a few days ago about Nail Polish & Wine Pairing: at!)

Which brings us to the inspiration for this particular post, as I’ve been working on this entry while I’ve been working on my nails. Rummaging through the 20-30 colours I own, I suddenly got the inspiration to create a custom one! I definitely had all the right ingredients.

Although I only ended up mixing H&M’s Pear Ice Cream & Kleancolor Neon Aqua – both mini’s I picked up along the way. I also used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Acrylic Gel to blend the two, and finally Kleancolor Pearl Silver for accent nails – and Tra La:

Tiffany Nails

Not too bad if I do say so myself. Very Creme-y, Very Glossy, and just the right amount of Shimmer. I might not be so bad at this nail stuff after all ;)