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About Survivor, BSG & HIMYM, but not really.

8 May 2009

Today I’ve  got three bits of news that actually have little/nothing to do with the actual shows that they are related to. So if you don’t watch Survivor, Battlestar Galactica or How I Met Your Mother, don’t worry – you may proceed without hesitation.

First, Survivor, because something pretty neat just happened. Via FanCast, there was a live chat with the most recent booted contestant of Survivor: Martini’s (or whatever), Debbie, and guess who got her question put up FIRST?


That didn’t really answer my question – but still kinda neat, right?

Second up, BSG. Oh, not much to say here, except that I’ve been rewatching the entire series with my mother, we’re up to mid-season 3, and am very much enjoying reliving the experience while already having All The Answers. It’s like watching The Usual Suspects for the second time. The the absolute best part, however, is seeing how into it my mom is getting, which is extra exciting since she totally dislikes sci-fi (not counting Stargate, because that’s just a MacGuyver sequel for her).

Not only is it super-fun for me to figure out who her favorite (Adama, Chief, Helo) and most hated (Baltar, Baltar, Baltar) characters are, but also she’s gotten into the habit of talking to the TV which can be hilarious. Examples? Ok. “Don’t go over there, Chief, I think it’s Cylons”, “Baltar, you’re dreaming again!” and the most satisfying is that she repeats “So say we all” whenever it’s uttered. Awesome.

And now I shall provide you with a photograph of a Battlestar Galacticake that I found on Flickr:

Moving on to How I Met Your Mother. A few weeks back there was an episode in which Ted divulged his Murtaugh List. Every item on the list he had declared as now being “too old for this Sh!t”. Such examples given are Beer Bong and Crashing on a Friend’s Futon. To my very delight, the list has already started to penetrate the Public Vernacular.

In fact, my near and dear Angelina herself had recently added “Taking the (K)nigt bus from Takamatsu to Tokyo” on to her list. (I attempted to futilely add ‘Drink Jaigermiester’ to her list, but she would have none of it, apparently being in Japan gives her a 4 year reprieve so it’s on the back burner).  This obviously made me think about my own Murtaugh List, and things that I quite simply cannot, or should not do, at my age.

This is a work in progress, but brief summary of what I have, so far;

– Go camping without Air Mattresses

– Wear my hair in Pig Tails

– Put off seeing the Dentist (I’ve learned from Past Mistakes)

– Not drink Coffee

I don’t think there’s anything else, just yet, but I’m sure the list will grow. I”m super interested in other people’s Murtaugh Lists, so please share!

(PS: I’m still looking for members of Club ChantelleJoy, you can join by subscribing to my RSS feed. Membership is free, and apparently very exclusive!)