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You might know me from such websites as iPhoneinCanada.ca, GB.net, 148Apps, Facebook or my almost-decade old LiveJournal. If you’ve been around long enough you might even remember:

(circa 2000-2004)

ChantelleJoy.com is a collection of ongoing online projects, and personal blog of Chantelle Joy Duxbury
(as of August 3, 2012 – now Chantelle Joy Otto!)

If you’re looking for a rundown of my most recent projects – they are listed here.
For a comprehensive list of my freelance writing, blogging, and reviews – visit my LinkedIn Page.

A Bit About Me
I’ll skip the boring backstory and suffice with letting you know I’ve been an avid internet geek for all of my teen & adult life. I’ve been blogging and forum-ing, and now happily doing freelance and personal blogging in my spare time.

Other interests include: BSG, HIMYM, ST: TNG and many other TV shows which can be made into Acronyms. Also, Geocaching, Travel and unique Cultural Events are always fun – but I’m very unlikely to be found at a club, party or concert.

Forging ahead online with my Humor and Opinions in tow, ChantelleJoy.com will be the place I write about and highlight the things nearest and dearest to my heart – gadgets, movies, blogs and so much more.

As of 2013 this blog has shifted back towards a more personal vein, and I’m hoping to document and share my experiences into married life, and motherhood.

If you wish to contact me about anything, or nothing in particular, send me an Email, find me on Twitter, or comment in the Blog. I’m never far away from my lifeline (aka iPhone).

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