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ChantelleJoy.com » Buying Local & Indie: Beyond The Nail (Pt 1)

Buying Local & Indie: Beyond The Nail (Pt 1)

24 July 2013

I had promised myself that in preparation for the Discount Polish Extravaganza that will likely take place this year at the beauty supply outlet at the CNE next month, I had promise myself that I wouldn’t buy any nail polishes in July. I was calling it my “No Buy July”! Then, the girls of Beyond the Nail said they were heading to the Big on Bloor Fest, and I figured this would be a great way to avoid paying for shipping! So I just had to.

I’d specifically found this polish brand when trying to find local, toronto based indie polish makers. I’d been following them on Instagram, and seen they had posted a lot about the thermal colour-change polishes they’d been posting about – but actually ended up buying from them four glitters! (And, when I arrived to pick up my package, I also nabbed a Christmas-themed one-of-a-kind).

Today I’ll be showing you the two top-coat ‘glitters’ I picked up.

First up, the one I was most trepidatious about buying, Rainbow Reflections. Since I was having to overly-justify these purchases, I was worried that this one would be too similar to my beloved Rainbow Connection by OPI. So here I offer a comparison.

Click photos to see full-size. On right: Rainbow Connection below, Rainbow Relfections above.

Perhaps it’s only obvious to me, but Rainbow Reflections is actually quite different. I know there are a lot of Rainbow Glitter Polishes, and it’s hard to tell sometimes the difference, but these two aren’t very similar at all. The glitter itself is more like confetti in Rainbow Reflections, not to mention it has much more larger pieces, some square glitters and more colours. Rainbow Connection is jam-packed with mini silver glitter, and the larger hex pieces are much more metallic. I like both – and am glad I purchased the new one!

Here are more examples of Rainbow Reflections:

From left to right: One Coat, Two Coats, One Coat on White, One Coat on Black. No Topcoat on any.

Next up is a polish I had been looking to buy for a while, a gold flake topcoat. I’d had my eye on Essie’s ‘As Gold as it Gets’, but hate paying $12/bottle for polish. That’s not even the most expensive Gold Flake, with OPI’s super rare ‘Man with the Golden Gun’ averaging $40-$60 a bottle on eBay. Beyond the Nail’s Gold Flake is jam-packed with medium-sized gold flakes (Essie’s has small ones, OPI’s have big ones), that’s perfect. Have a look:

From left to right: One Coat, Two Coats, One Coat on White, One Coat on Black. No Topcoat on any.

Obviously the flake shows up best on solid colours, but I couldn’t resist going overboard with shimmer, and doing a Silver & Gold mani with this:

Stay tuned for Part 2, and the two other Solid Glitters I got from Beyond the Nail – and be sure to check them out on Etsy, Instagram or Twitter!