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My Life, My Blog

29 January 2013

I always say I’m going to start blogging again, because I really do miss the old days (like, a decade ago) when I could look back and see what I was doing, feeling, thinking and sharing. Reading some of my old LiveJournal entries has really solidified how drastically I’ve changed as a person, but am still sort of the same. Besides, there are lots of really exciting things that have happened to me in the last few years, and I have made no real attempt to save the details for posterity. Now that I have the time, I should enjoy my favorite Hobbies – Blogging is one of them.

I’m not interested in a Blog Audience, I’m interested in saving and sharing and documenting my life experiences. So, with that in mind – lets go over some of the more important events of my life in the last 12 months (picking up exactly one day after where I left off);

Getting Engaged
April 21 2012

Even though I’d help him pick out the setting, and stone… Eddie still shocked me by asking me to marry him in the most casual way possible – after I came home from the movies one wonderful afternoon. I was so overjoyed and happy – I sort of attacked him with hugs before he got the words out!

Here are some of our official “Engagement Photos”

Visiting Alberta
June 29 – July 8, 2012

Visiting Eddie’s Family and Friends in his hometown was a real treat! We got to drive through the mountains from Edmonton to Jasper, down through Banff and to Calgary. I can honestly feel like I’ve seen all of Alberta, and it is very beautiful – even if it’s always cold in the shade, and never fully dark in the summer.

It was a great trip and I was so happy to spend time with all the people so important to Eddie – I miss those awesome folks all the time!

Getting Married
August 3, 2012

Eddie and I both knew that we never wanted a ‘Big’ wedding, in fact, when planning out going to the Bahamas to get hitched the original plan was just us, but in the end my mother and his parents joined us – and it was beyond a dream come true.

I got to marry the man of my dreams in paradise… nice. I’m so lucky, and so happy with the way our whole trip went, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding!

“Back home in Toronto, as Husband & Wife” ~ via Instagram

Getting Knocked Up
Well, that was quick!

“Lets start trying strait away” I said, “You never know how long it’ll take” I said… “First Try – BAM!” He said. Sigh.

Anyone who has ever known me, ever, knows that I was quite vocal about never wanting to have children. Rather than feeling like a hypocrite, I like to think that my life has changed so much for the better, that the possibility of having a family is now an option, where previously it would have been quite irresponsible

As of writing this, I am 24 weeks along – and my brain is fully soaked in Pregnancy Hormones to the point that Chantelle of 2 years ago wouldn’t even recognize Chantelle of today. I’m so overwhelmed with emotions, it’s pretty exhausting but very, very excited to have a Baby!!! Since he’s allergic, we’re not calling it a little “Peanut” – it’s “Baby Carrot” and we won’t be finding out if it’s a little boy or girl till it arrives on (or around) May 20th.

I am pretty certain this event was the major catalyst for starting up this blog again. Not because I want to become a “Mommy Blogger” – quite the opposite actually. This has been a project of mine for nearly a decade and a half – I want to have my own interests, hobbies, and experiences that don’t only revolve around having a Baby. I’m under no illusion that the majority of my posts may end up being about it anyways – but I also hope that it’s more of a reflection of my life as a whole – and not just a Baby Blog.

Baby Carrot, at exactly 21 weeks

Moving into the Condo!
November 16, 2012

Eddie bought his “Swanky Bachelor Pad” about two months before we started dating. I doubt very highly he was anticipating getting hitched & knocked up in the meantime. But here we are, in our Married People Condo on King West.

The few blissful months I spent in Yorkville will be forever missed, being a block from three subway stations, and mere steps from about eighty Starbucks was wonderful.

However, the streetcars at King & Bathurst are decent (if not loud), and there’s actually two Starbucks within reasonable walking distance from the condo, as well as a fancy french coffee shop opening in the floor level of our building – so my First World Problems aren’t even that serious.

We live in a strange state of almost-moved-in. Our Couch, Dining Table and Chairs are all ordered, pending delivery. We’ve made small improvements, such as awesome Kitchen Lighting – but still don’t have any shades or blinds for the 60+ feet of floor-to-ceiling windows, instead we currently have sheets taped up to the windows in the Bedroom. It’s classy as hell.

On top of getting ourselves moved in, it’s becoming ever more important to start acquiring mass amounts of Baby related furniture and accessories. I’m woefully unprepared for the tiny roommate we’ll have in 16 weeks!!!

2013 + Beyond!

So as you can see, 2012 was a big year. Not to mention visiting Vegas, My Best Friend’s Wedding, TIFF 2012, and lots and lots of other interesting and exciting things – exactly the sorts of events I will try and keep on top of in the coming year(s)!