Jurassic Park & Galaxy Nails (Tutorial)

14 April 2013

I do not intend my blog to become a nail polish blog, but since it is one of my major interests currently, I am going to be writing about it often.

This is just a quick update because I did two of my most favorite designs ever recently, and I wanted to share the process for the more complicated one.

The first was actually quite easy – my Jurassic Park nails:

Courtesy of some magnetic green polish (which was a Christmas gift), and some patience and a steady hand for drawing the T-Rex, they turned out awesome!

Second is what I’m sporting right now, and finished just about an hour ago – Galaxy Nails:

Here’s the Quickie rundown of how I managed these beauts (click photos for larger pics);
(Note: For each layer, except the glitters, I used a Q-Tip for blending)

Step 1
Bottom coat is Sally Hansen Blazing Blue (which is really dark & has glitter, so is perfect for this design!)

Step 2  
A blended line of white, which is supposed to serve as a focal point (think The Milky Way).

Step 3
I added a layer of Salley Hansen Holographic Glitter called ‘Urban Chic’, I don’t know if it makes a big difference, but I wanted to layer the glitters so that it would give it more depth. Maybe it worked?


Step 4
Here you just add a few colours, Green (China Glaze, ‘I’m with the Lifeguard‘), Blue (Kleancolor, ‘Neon Aqua‘) and Purple (Kleancolor, ‘Neon Amethyst‘) and blend them on/around eachother and the white:

Step 5
Next you just go around the edges with Black, or your original base. (I used an Unlabelled Glitter/Black that I had).

Step 6  
Then, I used a coat of cloudy white/silver glitter (Apparition by Varnish Vixen, on Etsy).

*Note* Being honest, I would have done Steps 5 & 6 in reverse, doing the glitter coat first, then touching up with the edges. Apparition made everything quite cloudy and I did go over a few parts again with the Glitter Black I had to help with depth.

Finally I simply added a clear coat, which really smooths things together and makes the glitters “POP”! Leaving me with the fancy-pants nails you see above.

As for my left hand, I thought I’d add a little extra detail…

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