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Welcome to my mini-blog about Nails. This site will archive all the blog posts and tutorials that I write about nail polish, designs and art. I wanted to organize everything, so there's all kinds of tags for polish colours, brands, designs and more which you can search for on the right.

Not all designs will end up here, so I strongly suggest you check out my full Nail Art Gallery on Flickr.

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August 13, 2013

I first saw Charme Lacquers the day the annouced their polish line on Instagram, and fell instantly in love. Particularly with Mulholland. It’s purple, and glittery, and jelly – how could I resist? Well, then my attempt at No-Buy-July (which failed), and eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore… I ordered it! I also scored Wilshire and Melrose, as they were the next two I was most interested in (and simply couldn’t afford the whole collection).

Before I bury the lead, let me just say: I’ve never been more happy with a nail polish than I have with Mulholland. Furthermore I’ve never been more surprised/impressed with one that I am with Wilshire.

First up – the polish that I have renamed “Chantelle in a Bottle” – Mulholland.
You have to be patient with this one, gels notorioiusly don’t go on evenly, and glitters are tricky too – this is both, so you should set aside the proper amount of time to fuss over it – because it’ll will be way worth it. My tips for this GORGEOUS polish is as follows: THICK COATS and SECHE VITE top coat.

Here you’ll see my progress from coats one to three:
(click photos to enlarge)

And finally, without top coat (which I think looks a bit dull and ‘plastic’y), and with:

I can’t even describe how much I love these! Next up is another polish that Blew My Socks Off!

I don’t know what I was expecting from Wilshire, honestly, it looks glistsy, and a bit festive – but what I wasn’t expecting was for it to be unbelievably beautiful, these photos don’t to it justice. It’s like having a fairy tale on your fingernails.

What’s more is I couldn’t believe how different it looked over different polishes – check out the Black & White comparison!

Two Coats itself, One Coat over Nude Colour, One Coat over Black, One Coat over White.

Finally, we have Melrose. Which, after all that glitz, is a nice demure change. It goes on barely-pink, which looks best (in my opinion) over a nude colour, although I’ve swatched it here with itself (two coats), nude, over white and red. Very romantic.

So, my first experience with Charme Lacquers was … Simply Amazing. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this impressed with a polish, and I can’t wait till I can stock up on the rest of the collection (not to mention any future releases!). Check their polish blog here, or visit the Etsy Shop here. In the meantime, I’ll have to play around with the silver & gold studs I also got – more nail art to come!


August 2, 2013

I’m no hand-placed-glitter expert (I’m looking at you, Laura), and also couldn’t be bothered to order the glitters online. Luckily I walked past the Essence display at my local Shoppers (why are these displays always the furthest thing from the Nail Polish section?) and was delighted to find this $3 nail art kit!

There were Gold or Silver Kit options (they also had Nail Tape & Stickers). Each pack contained large hex glitter, small diamond holo glitter, stick holo glitter, nail foil and tiny bows. I picked up the silver pack to match my current nails and tested them out (except the bows, I’m saving those for later).

To start I got out my cheapest clear-coat. I stock up on Wet & Wild whenenever I see it at the dollar store, since I use it for lots of different nail art – and certainly won’t want to be using my precious Seche Vite just as a glue (besides, it dries way to fast for hand-placed glitter).

Here’s everything set up, ready to go:


I started with the small diamond holo glitter, and made a harlequin diamond on my pointer finger, next a line of the large hex glitter on my middle finger. Both were placed using a toothpick, on top of a layer of the clear coat.

The pinky I did a bottom-to-top gradient using the stick holo glitter, applied using a Q-Tip. I also had to use a Q-tip with the foil, which was applied to my thumb, also bottom-up. Foils are DELICATE, yo – if you’ve ever worked with Gold Leaf, then you know, you nearly have to hold your breath when working with them.

In the end, I found the kit to be pretty much amazing. You get a bunch of glitters, that will last me quite a few designs, and it was pretty, and easy to use. I’m delighted with my jazzed up, Bling’d out fingers.


July 30, 2013

On to the second batch of polishes I bought from Beyond The Nail, Part 1 is here if you missed it.

The next polish I tried out was the Magenta Holo in Black. There are a few things to say about this polish. First, I am a sucker for dark shades with glitters, there’s enough in there to pack a punch – so that’s great. Secondly, and I have no idea if this was intentional on the creator’s part – but this polish dries with a rough finish – almost like a liquid sand! It was an expected delight to have bought a black-based-glitter-textured-polish since I had been eyeing Zoya Dahlia for so long, but hadn’t gotten around to buying it yet. Now, obviously they aren’t dupes by any means (the glitters being entirely different), but I’m definitely satiated for my Black-Glitter-Texture lust for a while. Also, as you can see from below, it smooths out nicely with a top coat, so it really offers the best of both worlds!

Click to enlarge Photos.

Top-Left: One Coat, no Topcoat. Top-Right & Bottom-Left: Two Coats, no Topcoat. Bottom-Right: Two Coats with Topcoat.

Just as another example, after a couple days I got bored with just the polish, so I jazzed it up with some striping tape – I think it really helps bring out the glitter:

Next up, and this one is a bit briefer, as I haven’t done a full mani with it yet, we have Phoenix Glitter (which appears to be sold-out on their store at the moment).

Although I don’t own it so I couldn’t do a direct compairson, this polish reminds me very much of China Glaze’s Electrify from the Hunger Games collection. Although there are some obvious distinct differences – the large hex yellow glitter in Phoenix sets it apart, a feature I love as it reminds me of the bright sun. See swatch below:

Left to Right: One Coat, Two Coats, One Coat on White, One Coat on Black. No Topcoat on any.

I think this is one glitter topcoat that looks really great on its own, but also goes well with warm hues. Here it is below over a shimmery brown (Mani I did for Angelina, she called it ‘Autumnal’):

That concludes the two-part series of the polishes I bought, although I still do have a couple of tricks and treats up my sleeve from Beyond The Nail in the future. Please do check them out, and tell them Chantelle sent you (maybe I can get a bigger discount that way! ;)


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