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Oscars 2013

24 February 2013

While last year I boycotted The Oscars by dressing up from my favorite Snubbed Film, and watched Drive at Allison‘s place, this year I’ve actually got Legit Plans. For my celebrations, I will be attending a TIFF Members-Only cocktail reception and dinner at Spice Route thanks to, and with, Angelina. Although I am unable to get drunk due to a certain medical condition at this time, in my imagination I will be downing Lychee Cosmo after Lychee Cosmo, and finishing with a glass of Champagne.

If you’re interested in my opinion, here is a rundown of my picks, and very brief notes on the matter of the Oscars this year.

BOLD Denotes that films that I suspect will win. PINK are the ones I hope will win. GREEN are my fantasy picks, that were not nominated.

Best Picture

Of these options, Argo is obviously going to win. Although sometimes the Academy pulls a fast one. I liked but didn’t LOVE Les Mis, so that leaves Silver Linings Playbook as the only option I’d like to see win.Although I appreciate the gesture, I think it’s cute that Django is nominated, it’s a great movie (to be sure) but Oscar Material? Meh.


Best Director

I haven’t seen most of these films, so I’m left with rooting for one that’s only “Pretty Good”. I am honestly relieved that Tom Hooper wasn’t nominated for Les Mis because that was one of my largest criticism of the film – the directing was *awful*.Moonrise is the best film Anderson has done since Tannenbaums. (Although of Affleck didn’t get nom’d there was certainly no hope for Wes).


Best Actor

Bradley Cooper impressed my socks off with his emotional acting chops, I hope he wins (even though Jackman or Day Lewis is more likely).Viggo in there as my fantasy pick: I love him, especially when he’s playing his own twin.
John Hawkes was out-of-this-world amazing in The Sessions – can’t believe he’s not among the nom’d.

Best Actress

I love Jennifer Lawrence to pieces, but I have a few issues with her in this particular role. I know she’s already gotten a few awards so far, but I have this tricky feeling that Jessica Chastain will win. Besides, She’s SO Hot Right Now.


Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

I’m weary, but hopeful that Christoph Waltz will take home the gold – he was outstanding and brilliant, and I love him so much. I’m putting in Tommy Lee as a possible backup, even though I havn’t seen Lincoln.

I don’t know a more locked-down bet than Anne Hathaway for her award this year. She had it in the bag before the film even came out. She was good, and the acting/singing was outstanding by the whole cast, I won’t even wager anyone else will take it home. That being said, I’d like to see Helen Hunt win, so that The Sessions could get a bit more publicity. The movie was so good – one of the best of TIFF 2012.

Best Original Screenplay

Best Adapted Screenplay

These are both difficult to call, since I’ve seen so few of the nominations. I want, so badly, for Moonrise Kingdom to win – but up against Django I doubt it has a chance. I’d say Zero Dark Thirty is the runner up, even Amour probably has a better chance.Again, Argo (or at the very least Lincoln) are your bet best for ‘Adapted’, but wouldn’t it be nice if Silver Linings got it instead? Not to say that it’s a better screenplay, just that I’m rooting for the underdog, once again.

I’m just going to list the prospective winners/hopefuls for the other categories, to save on time for the ‘Less Popular’ awards (although some of my favorites are in here):

Best Original Song

Skyfall will probably win, and deservedly so! But people loved Les Mis – even if Suddenly was only OK.

Best Animated Feature

After the Great Travesty that was last year in this category, I’m glad to see they’ve considered some decent nominees, and I’m quite sure Brave is going to take it, but I’m rooting for Wreck-It-Ralph (I haven’t seen it, but I didn’t care for Brave very much).

Best Foreign Language Film

It’s going to be Amour (nom’d for Best Picture and all), but I’m always, perpetually, unconditionally rooting for Denmark – so my heart goes to A Royal Affair. Although I’m not at all sad if it doesn’t win, this just puts more time between the last time Denmark won Best Foreign and this/next year, which will bring The Hunt, and gives them a better chance at it in 2013, right?

Best Documentary Feature / Best Doc Short.
Best Live Action Short / Best Animated Short

Of all the categories above, I’ve only seen Paperman, so that’s my pick! ;)

Best Original Score

I’ve only seen Anna Karenina & Skyfall, but Argo will probably win.

As for the rest, I’ll just say I don’t care much either way, except that I’d like to see the following winners in these categories: The Hobbit, for Production Design, Make-up and Visual Effects (but will happily accept Avengers for the latter) as well as Anna Karenina (or Skyfall) for Cinematography.


Well, that’s all I have to say about all that, for now. There’s nothing really shocking or exciting this year, so I probably won’t be too elated or disappointed (except when it comes to Moonrise Kingdom and The Hobbit). What are your predictions?