Oscars 2013
[ 24 Feb 2013 | Category: Movies ]

While last year I boycotted The Oscars by dressing up from my favorite Snubbed Film, and watched Drive at Allison‘s place, this year I’ve actually got Legit Plans. For my celebrations, I will be attending a TIFF Members-Only cocktail reception and dinner at Spice Route thanks to, and with, Angelina.¬†Although …

Does Toronto hate Molecular Gastronomy?
[ 22 Feb 2013 | Category: Food, Toronto ]

So, this week it was announced that Colborne Lane would be closing. This is a crying shame. As one of the most talked about restaurants since it’s opening in 2007, it was a beacon among what few Molecular Cuisine offerings we have in the city.
If you Google “Molecular Gastronomy in …

One Year Quitaversary!
[ 11 Feb 2013 | Category: Life ]

Exactly one year (and one day) ago, I quit smoking. The day I decided to quit, I wrote about it here. I was absolutely 100% positively certain that I would never have another cigarette after that morning – and I’m so relieved and proud to have proven myself right.
As you …

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