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Telling you about the food I eat.

1 February 2012

This weekend started the same as most have for the last 1.5yrs, with me heading in on the train to Eddie’s place, and thinking about food. I’m super lucky to have a Foodie Boyfriend and realized most recently that I’ve really missed dozens of opportunities to blog about all of the super great restaurants he’s taken me to (Gio Rana’s, Trevor, Parts & Labour, Enoteca Sociale, Pizzeria Libretto, Parkette… the list goes on!).

Luckily, however, taking pictures of nearly every restaurant meal I ever have is a (slightly odd, but very satisfying) hobby of mine – so buried deep in my iPhone is probably photographic evidence of each. Perhaps one day I’ll unearth them to talk about it – but in the meantime, I’m going to try and make a more concentrated effort to share my meals more frequently.

I do not expect this to be a popular blog topic per se, but I’m certain I know of at least two people who will get a kick out of it.

So, to start, let’s cover this most recent weekend, which was filled with culinary delights, starting with Friday.

Eddie and I were sitting around his flat, pondering about what to do for dinner. I wanted fish, but didn’t want to cook – he suggested French – after some negotiating availability on OpenTable, I’d remembered a Tweet I’d RT’d about restaurants *not* taking part in Winterlicious – La Societe was listed, and is literally two blocks from the apartment. I booked right away. (Ah, the power of Social Media!)

We arrived a few minutes early and were seated at the (totally absolutely wonderful) bar. I got a Chambord/Vodka Sparkling Cocktail and Eddie got a Rose Shiraz (in the end, not a great choice for him). I’m pretty certain that they’d forgotten about us, as nearly half an hour later we had to ask if our table was ready… they seated us almost immediately.

The dining room is large, and has a fantastic ceiling feature of stained glass.

Eddie says they must have renovated like crazy, since the last time he was there it was a mid-range Chinese restaurant with bad lighting. Now, it’s cozy with its dark wood and plush booths.

To start I got, what can only be described as, The Best Mushroom Soup I Have Ever Eaten. Topped with Truffle Crème Fraîche – just delightful. It was smooth and potent, creamy and dangerously savoury. I could probably eat a bucket full of this soup, and it will most likely be the #1 reason for my future return to this restaurant. Kudos.

Eddie got Duck Confit [left], which looked and tasted heavenly. He said it was possibly the best duck he’d ever had (and he *loves* duck!).

I got the special of the day; Sea bream in Bacon Broth [right]. It hit the spot for my fish craving perfectly, although I don’t know if I would order it again.

I’m very interested in returning to try the items from the $36 3-Course Price Fixe Menu, which has The Soup listed, and other interesting fare.

Next up, a delightful Liberty Village brunch with Angelina on Saturday afternoon.

We were looking for somewhere to grab lunch before heading over to the Bridal Show (she is engaged, after all!) at the Ex, and I had hoped the we’d be able to try Liberty Belle, but apparently it’s shuttered. So, randomly I found The Brazen Head (which Angelina had been to before) – and was immediately drawn to it by the promise of $4 Caesars and a Brunch Menu.

The Caesar was delish, if a bit spicy – and we both agreed there was possibly Lemon it in (although this was deemed neither good nor bad). My Eggs Benny were… alright. They were standard and the homefries were crispy, and it was all very pleasant. I am profoundly jealous of Angelina’s dish: the Brazen Benedict, with its smoked salmon and potato pancakes, and salad. She won at Brunch.

Saturday evening was set aside specifically for our Annual Winterlicious Double-Date. Angelina had been trying to plan for the four of us to go to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen for some time (since she has a brilliant meal there last year), and she finally succeeded.

@BillyBobMac & @Anzi, @ChantelleJoy & No-Twitter-Eddie.

Since she’s written an entire review of the meal – I’ll simply link to it here – and you can read all about it, complete with tasty photos, I don’t really have anything to add.

I have just one last meal to share, which was lunch on Sunday.

Eddie and I spent the majority of the day wandering around the city looking for gifts for his soon-to-be-retired Father. By early afternoon was quite hungry, and had my brain SET on Raman (I actually specifically wanted Chinatown Ajisen), but Eddie didn’t like the sound of that – so we compromised and went to the new Urban Eatery at Eaton’s center.

I love this food court. Seriously, it’s the bees knees.

Eddie got some Vindaloo and I got a steaming bowl of Spicy Chili Beef Ramen from the Liberty Noodle. (Which, is funny since the Main Location is now closed???) It was very, VERY Good. Made me completely forget about Ajisen, and leave with a happy full belly.

So there you have it – my weekend food adventures. Now I’m hungry :(