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The Luck of the (TIFF) Draw

1 September 2010 No Comment

Knowing that I would be able to attend each and every day of the film festival this year, I went ahead and purchased myself two Advance Order packages. For those of you unfamiliar with the Toronto International Film Festival ticket process, basically you can buy a pack in advance and enter a lottery system for tickets. Or wait until after all that, and try to buy individual movies on the Public Onsale. If you’re only seeing 5-10 movies or so, getting the individual movie tickets is much easier and less headachy, however if you’re planning on seeing something like 20+ movies, it’s best to grab a pack or two and try your hand at Lady Fortune.

This year my 15-Movie Day Pack and my 10-Ticket Evening Pack (which worked out to be 7 movies, since I’m going with my friend Ahli to some) was in box #18. They drew box #9 to begin and so I was the 9th box processed, which is actually quite good as there were 39 Boxes in total.

As it turns out I only got denied for 1 of my films due to it being sold out, sadly the sole Icelandic film at the ‘fest this year. Well, if they don’t want me to see it, that’s just fine. Although it did sound cool, I’m OK with avoiding a 9am screening anyways. I did also get denied for another film, but that was entirely my fault as I apparently requested an evening film with my Day Pass. *facepalm*

So, while it’s not set it stone, My TIFF Schedule is about 95% compete. Tomorrow I head off to the Box Office first thing in the morning to try and redeem the two vouchers they provided me with for other day films. The scheduling fun isn’t done then, though. I still need to go on to the online box office Friday morning to try and get Angelina tickets to a couple shows she wants to see. I’m also going to try and outright Buy the ticket I had FUBAR’d myself out of. Allison is going to grab her tickets to some of the movies that she picked out, and a ticket for me to a Premium Screening. Hopefully by the weekend my schedule will be set in stone. At which time I’ll go over each of the films I’m going to see with wonderful detail for everyone!

Until then.