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The TIFF Box Office, An Admirable Foe Defeated

3 September 2010 No Comment

Regardless of buying an Advance Order package, I still end up on the Tiff Online Box Office at 7am the day of sale, for a very long, inappropriate amount of time hitting refresh, praying that whatever ticket(s) I’m trying to obtain will still be available. TIFF has, hands down, the worst online box office I’ve ever seen. However, luckily I only have to deal with it once a year.

It seems that I am having tremendous TIFF Luck this year, because besides one film, I got everything I put on my schedule.

In addition, everyone who’s attending films with me also got their tickets. Lucky, lucky. I was pretty sure that it would be fail whale all over the place, considering all the screenings that were apparently ‘off-sale’ he day before.

So, I am happy to announce my schedule, and details of the movies I’ll definitely be seeing.

My Tiff Schedule

My full, daily schedule is on the side of this page, or you can visit http://bit.ly/CJTIFFCAL

So let me do a brief run-down of the 23 Movies (TWENTY THREE!) I’ll be seeing over 10 days.

Why I’m Seeing It: I think it looks like a nice, easy film to start the ‘fest. I really like Kat Dennings.
Funny Story: This is the ticket I accidentally screwed myself out of during the Advance Order process, because apparently I don’t know that 6:00pm is after 5:01pm, so it is the sole reason I spent over two hours fighting with the online box office. I hope it’s worth it.

Why I’m Seeing It: Besides having a tonne of actors I like (Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Nathan Fillion…) Its the one Midnight Madness flick that Allison (My #1 Film Festival Buddy) said she’s see with me. I absolutely have to see at least one Midnight Madness flick at Midnight or it doesn’t count!

Why I’m Seeing It: Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce. (Also I just found out that this director did the Elizabeth I miniseries with Helen Mirren, which was really quite good!)

Why I’m Seeing It: Suggested by Allison, though I probably would have picked it out myself. British Comedy about women’s rights. Awesome. Plus, Calendar Girls was pretty good, and this is the same director.

Why I’m Seeing It: I’ll be honest, this was one of the last films I picked and it was the only interesting looking one during this time slot. This will be one of those hit-or-miss movies for me, I hope it turns out OK.

Why I’m Seeing It: You really can’t go wrong with an Australian Rom-Com with a dose of Super Hero, starring Jason from True Blood. Or can you? I don’t want to make this year all about Super Hero Comedies, but it seems like I couldn’t avoid it.

Why I’m Seeing It: I bought tickets on Allison’s suggestion, simply based on the face that it has Vincent Cassel (and I’ve seen every movie of his that’s been at the festival since I started going). It’s basically a feature length movie based on the same concept as MIA’s Born Free Music Video (same Director), which sounds amazing. Drama about Redheads being hunted by the Military.. oh those poor Gingers.

Why I’m Seeing It: Seriously co-dependent platonic Female/Female relationship, check. This simply looked like a fun film, and I have to mix it up and get some fluff in my schedule, so I chose an Australian Film that will likely never see the light of day for a North American release.

Why I’m Seeing It: First off, I really like both Darren Aronofsky and Vincent Cassel, so I’d probably see this film in regular theatres once it’s released (which I believe is soon), but I thought I’d try my luck at scoring a ticket at tiff since it’s one of the most anticipated films. I got lucky.

Why I’m Seeing It: Let The Right One In is such a brilliant film, I’m really hoping that this remake (ahem, I mean, interpretation of the source material) doesn’t cock it up. I think the casting is brilliant, we’ll just have to see if they pull it off. I’m hoping yes.

Why I’m Seeing It: Obligatory Danish Film, as chosen by Allison. Happy to tag along, as the Danish make pretty suburb films, usually.

Why I’m Seeing It: Confidently, just a few months ago I spent entirely too much time looking up information about Sealand, and when I needed to fill a spot in my schedule, this popped up. Also, I’m quickly becoming a fan of Funny Documentaries. (Besides, I might gather some much-needed pointers for when I start the country of ‘New Duxbury’).

Why I’m Seeing It: The idea behind this film sounds fascinating, a lovelorn woman bears the clone of her dead flame. To Incest, or not to Incest? While I’m actually much more interested in the dramatic and emotional story here, it doesn’t hurt that it stars The Eleventh Doctor. It seems that in addition to Super Heros another theme of my film festival these year is clones (you’ll see why further down).

Why I’m Seeing It: My replacement for Mamma Gogo, I chose it because a) it fit into my schedule b) Michael C. Hall & Sarah Silverman are in it and c) The description on the TIFF website compared it to The Royal Tenenbaums. We’ll see.

Why I’m Seeing It: From the writer and director of the first Saw movie, which was the hands-down best of the ongoing series, this flick also stars Patrick Wilson, who (after Phantom, Little Children, Hard Candy and Watchmen) is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors.

Why I’m Seeing It: Vincent Gallo. Suggested by Allison, I’m just hoping I understand any of it. I think this is a quintessential Film Festival movie, art house, independent, whatever you want to call it.

Why I’m Seeing It: Obligatory Holocaust film, I chose this more based on my schedule than my interest, however I do think that Kristin Scott Thomas is a brilliant actress and the story sounds both touching and moving.

Why I’m Seeing It: This Midnight Madness flick has been getting quite a bit of press. I really love the new styles of imagery that are available to film makers nowadays, and this one certainly runs with it. While the story seems *meh* I’m going to see it for the visuals, seriously, it looks like a Stage Play mixed with Comic Book. Plus, y’know, Samurai are cool.

Why I’m Seeing It: One of the last films I chose, I picked it because Haruki Murakami is a household name around these parts, and since I’m not a big reader, I’m interested in seeing his stories on screen.

Why I’m Seeing It: Keira Knightly is a film festival MUST for me and Allison. Simply put, this movie seemed more interesting than her other one at tiff this year. Romantic Drama about (what I assume are) Organ Harvesting Clones? Yes, please. Between this and Womb, I’m going Clone Crazy!

Why I’m Seeing It: I found this one while reading through the entire film list and it popped out at me as possibly awesome. From the TIFF Description: Issac is a young photographer who falls in love with the recently deceased Angelica. When he looks at her through his viewfinder though, she becomes animated, moving and smiling at him. The phenomenon continues when he develops the images and he becomes haunted by an irrational love. So my ‘Supernatural’ streak continues.

Why I’m Seeing It: I’m pretty sure this is going to have a wide release, but I’m happy to see it at the festival, it looks interesting and important. Plus, Helen Mirren, am I right?

Why I’m Seeing It: While I didn’t see the movie for which this is the Sequel (I’ll get around to it), when Allison suggested it, I was really pleased. Steve Coogan is hilarious, and anything British is all right by me. I’m glad that I get to end my Film Festival on this film, instead of something too serious, or too depressing.

Well, that’s it.
That’s my film list.
How I managed to fit nearly all my first-choices into a mere 10 days is beyond me (scheduling magic!). The only film that I’m outright disappointed that I couldn’t fit in is Tamara Drewe, but I’ll keep an eye out for when it gets released (hopefully) or, goes to DVD.

Less than a week until I throw myself into this Madness!