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TIFF begins and I am a Party Animal

9 September 2010 No Comment

I think I’m fully prepared for the festival, but I’m a little worried about what exactly I’ve gotten myself into!

Sure, seeing 24 movies in 11 days is crazy. Commuting into and out of the city most of those days is going to be taxing, adding a Opening Night Gala Premiere and Party on top of it, adventurous (and exciting!), and now I’ve added another fantastic event to my schedule;

Thanks to the @LibertyGroup, I’ll also be lucky enough to attend the ‘Tamara Drewe’ After Party at The Courthouse on Sunday Night! The only film I really wanted to see, but couldn’t fit into my schedule! I’m so excited, and am really looking forward to this exclusive event!

However, right at this moment, it feels a bit like the calm before the storm. My festival really begins in just about an hour when I dress up and head down to Roy Thompson Hall.

Lots of people are already in the thick of their first TIFF day, I’m loving all the tweets, and reading the #TIFF10 feed obsessively, although keeping up to date is impossible, there’s already so much happening! Stombo interviewing Zach Galafainakas! Celebrities getting off airplanes or shopping in Yorkville! Joaquin Phoenix imposter on the loose! Who knows what else is in store for the next 10 days, all I know is I’ll be attached to my iPhone and iPad tweeting and blogging my way though this wild crazy ride.

Hopefully I don’t crash & burn.