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TIFF Day 4: Griff the Invisible & Tamara Drewe Party at Courthouse

13 September 2010 No Comment

12:00pm, Varsity Cinemas.

I was too tired, so I slept in and I did not go. I hope it was good .

4:00pm, AMC Theatres.

After being sort of, I’m not going to say disappointed, I guess ‘Taken Aback’ by Super – I was weary of another “DIY Superhero” Movie. Perhaps because of this, I was delightfully surprised by it. Ryan Kwanten (the amazing Jason Stackhouse himself) plays Griff – office worker by day, ‘Superhero’ by night.

(Um, is Jason Stackhouse looking right at me? OMG!)

Antisocial Griff is on a mission to create an invisibility suit (yes, perhaps the metaphors are rife and obvious), and seems to be having no luck until his Brother’s (kind-of) girlfriend comes along, obviously also quirky with a unique view on the world. I don’t want to say to much, else I ruin the film – but it’s a very cute story, and one of the best movies I’ve seen so far at the festival.

Ryan is brilliant, just brilliant. And I find myself both loving at hating him for being both so Good Looking and such an amazing actor. I hope he has like, terrible foot odor, or bad typing skills, or something that will level the playing field for the rest of us. In any case, he pulls of the quiet, sullen, adorable Griff very well – and I’m very much looking forward to the DVD or I wider release, so I can see it again.

After the movie we had Dinner at
Annona Restaurant, at the Park Hyatt, Yorkville.

I consider this as important an event during the film festival as any movie screening, press conference or Q&A. The one night I hear I have Dinner Out in Yorkville. Last year, it was at One Restaurant at the Hazelton Hotel (Awesome). The year before that it was at Pangaea Restaurant (Not as Awesome).

I had a wonderful Seafood Chowder and Mixed Seafood Grill, the world’s most delicious sparkling water (from Norway, maybe?) to drink – and some English Breakfast Tea to end. I think that hands-down this was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The portions were delightfully filling – a rarity among upscale dining sometimes.

(My Seafood Chowder and Me)

TAMARA DREWE After Party at Courthouse
Presented by NOW Magazine Toronto & The Liberty Group.

This event was obviously a lot smaller and more intimate than the giant Tiff Gala Opening Party, but it was still packed when we arrived a mere 30 minutes after it started, and long before anyone from the cast or crew had arrived (they were still at the screening which started at 9pm). While the bar was not ‘open’, the atmosphere was still fun. Lots of VIPs (likely from NOW Magazine) lined the couches along the side of the main floor. Using both tremendous Good and Bad luck, we had to dash early – but upon our exit we saw Gemma Arterton (who plays Tamara), and Geoffrey Rush arriving. Both looking splendid.

NOW gave us a great little party bag with tea, gum and headphones as well as copies of the most recent (giant!) Now Magazine, the festival edition. I can’t thank Liberty Group enough for inviting me to this. It was a blast.

See all my pictures from today at my TIFF ’10 Day 4 Photo Set on Flickr.