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TIFF Day 9: Sarah’s Key

20 September 2010 No Comment

12:00pm, Ryerson Theatre.

By this day I was already starting to feel quite run down. I dragged myself to Sarah’s Key because I had heard great things.

I was not disappointed. This is the story of a reporter uncovering the life of a young Jewish french girl named Sarah, and her attempt to save her brother from the arrests (and eventual deportation to Germany) that took place in the summer of 1942. Not only is this story fascinating because the main antagonists are not Nazis, but the French Police & Government, a part of history that many French people don’t even know about, but also because of the personal story of not only this one girl, but every person who comes in contact with her during and even after her lifetime.

It’s reflects not only the horrors of the Second World War, but also the scars and ghosts that it has left behind for everyone, and deals with this subject matter with the respect it deserves, while also being fictional.

The Director had a nice Q&A afterward where he discussed why he wanted to make this film. He is french, and his mother lost her father to the Holocaust when she was only 2 years old. He said that many people of Europe, not just the French, don’t want to but should have to learn of their mistakes, and discuss how it effects their everyday lives – so that they can appreciate our lives now. “You think you have problems today?” he said.

5:00pm, Scotiabank Theatre.

Sadly, this is the beginning of the end for my TIFF adventure.

I was feeling exhausted and very worried that I had a cold coming on – so I skipped my second movie of this day to go home and rest. I wish it would have fixed everything, but it just solidified that, yes, I was ill. Of the 5 remaining films of the fest, after this day, I would only make it to 1. :(

Stay tuned for my final review and recap of TIFF 2010.

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