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TIFF Supplemental – Me on YouTube, again!

12 September 2010 No Comment

Seriously, what the hell?

I apparently have a knack for finding videos of myself, as taken by strangers, on YouTube.

This recently happened during FanExpo (read about how basically someone took a video of me and a Dalek) and I found it randomly. Today, since I had a few extra hours (because I ditched ‘Deep in the Woods’, but I’ll explain that later) I was catching up on reading the very few TIFF Blogs I subscribe to, and lo and behold, via The Toronto Film Scene’s post about The Substream’s review of Super – there I am, the background, playing Ludo (or possibly Checkers) with Ahli on my iPad:

Actually spoke to that guy who seemed kind of hilarious. Asked me if owning an iPad was worth the trouble of having other humans come up and talk to me about it. I said Yes, because it was better than owning the iPhone 4, where strangers want to touch it.