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Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous

14 March 2012

This entry is about four things. Food, Booze, Games & Cars.


It was January 13th when I read my first review of Yours Truly, and have been nagging No-Twitter-Eddie to take me there ever since (I have the email chains to provde it, Jan 18th, Feb 9th, March 7th…). Finally March 8th he agreed, we’ll go on the 10th since we were making double-date plans with @JanelleAwesome and @RobHester, and they were game.

For some reason I was under the impression they didn’t take reservations, so I didn’t even try. Of course, the day before our dinner Toronto Life decides to name Yours Truly #1 in their top 10 New Restaurants. #FirstWorldProblems

We were extremly lucky, however, as there was space at the communal table, just as we arrived, and we enjoyed some really fantastic cuisine with some really fantastic company. I’m missing a few photos of the Amuse’s offered (Cauliflower Soup, Spinach Leaves), a couple ‘Snacks’, and was entirely too tispy on Asahi Blacks (YUM!) to remember to take a picture of desert, but here’s the rest of our plates [click pics to embiggen];

< The infamous “Truffle Falafel” which was the only dish delivered to the table without any description by the chefs, and a found me exclaiming “I know this, this is a trick!”. Eddie also found himself tricked, when he tried to eat the raw rice it was served on. Oh, sad.

>Salt Cod, described as “inari, kewpie, nori, rice” which literally could not sound more Japanese if they tried. I was extra proud of myself knowing that Kewpie is Mayonnaise (AH-HAHAHA HA). Looked great, but it wasn’t my dish so I have no idea how it tasted.

< I’ve learned something fairly recently about Trout. I love it. I think I my first experience at Colborne Lane, when I mistook it for Salmon. But more recently I ate The Whole Thing in Brooklyn. Third time is the most charmed and I enjoyed this offering the best, even if it wasn’t my favourite dish of the night.

> This was my favorite dish of the night. The duck. OMG! Words fail me. The Crispiest of Skins, the tenderest of meats! The onions, parsnips and elderberries matching perfectly! I rarely complain about portion size of food of this quality, but damn, I could have eaten 4 plates of this. One of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten, in my whole life.

After this lovely meal we stopped for a pint on Ossington, then headed to Second City for the new comedy show. Where I proceeded to literally drink my face off. I lost track of the end of the night, but I do remember loudly declaring that I bought a shirt (and it’s so long!), and having a bit of an emotional breakdown over wanting a cigarette once we got home. It was a very exciting night, and after dealing with the hangover-aftermath all Sunday I have come to a certain sort of revelation.


Not to bum everyone out, but I simply want to document my absolute concern over the fact that every now and then, I cannot mitigate my drinking and I’ve got a real binge problem. It’s not too often, maybe 2 or 3 times a year, but when it happens, it’s bad, and it hurts. A lot of people do the same, and can deal with it. Not me. The emotional aftermath of over-drinking is some of the worst depression I’ve felt in my whole life, and it’s absoluly avoidable. I’m a grown-ass woman, not some clubgoing 20-something. 90% of the time I can have just one or two drinks, but every now again again I just can’t stop. I need to be In Charge of myself, so I’m putting myself on a self-restricted 1-Drink Maximum for the time being. I cannot bear (nor do I believe it nessisary) to quit altogether (especially on Downton Thursdays), but I think this will help me be mindful, and avoid over-drinking as a whole.


Maybe i’ll employ the same technique I did for quitting smoking, and turning my attention a lot more to games. I played an obscene amount of Guitar Hero on my iPhone in the first few days (weeks) of quitting smoking, and will continue that trend, although it’s going to cost me. I’ve been upgrading song packs, at $1.99 each this might hurt my budget. I nearly bought $20 worth of upgrades on Angry Birds on Facebook (they take Interac Online, it’s too easy!), next thing you know I’ll be the queen of Foxy Bingo.


Wanting to end this whole thing on a positive note: I passed my final driving test – finally! For anyone still paying attention who may have been around seven years ago when I last took (and failed) the test, this is a pretty big deal. No more driving tests, ever. Proof of my procrastination is that the whole Graduated Licence System can be completed in as little as 1yr 8months, if you take drivers ed which I did the year I first got my G1, in 2000. *pulls at collar* whaaaat?

So, I’m literally one step closer to winning the Driven To Quit Challange.
I’m ready for you, my new car named Peter Jackson.