By Request: Trying Water Marbling

3 May 2013

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because it’s not intended at a tutorial, so much as just a step-by-step on my nearly-successful attempt at Water Marbling.

My mother found a post on Facebook with some really quite awesome neon Tie-Dye style water marbled nails, and basically challenged me to try it myself.

Challange Accepted

I’ve watched about a million youtube tutorials on the subject – but the one that resonated most with me was this one by Crankerella via Reddit, (Her nails are Ridonkulous!). I loved the shot-glass idea!

So here I am with all my supplies, my mix of colours, and my first pattern:

The first few nails turned out okay, I was getting better at controlling the pattern and polish, but by the time I finished both hands there were clearly “GOOD” nails and “BAD” Nails:

Never being one to give up mid-project (I think my Tape Misadventure proved that one), I simply re-did the nails I disliked (over and over till I got it right). Here is the result for both hands, pre-cleanup, and a peek at the mess I made during the whole process:

In the end, I was only semi-pleased with the result. Some of the nails are the classic Butterfly/Flower water marble look, and some just look more Tie-Dye or swirly. I’d like to have the whole set match, but honestly, the more I keep them on, the more I like them a lot. It may even be worth it to try again, sometime!

(Also, yes, my thumbs have a holo sparkle top-coat (Sally Hansen, Urban Chic) because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use it on all of them or not, it looks good, but I like it as an accent nail – the colours don’t really need any help themselves!)