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Welcome to my TIFF 2011 Blog

22 August 2011 2 Comments

Here we go again! Welcome to another year of me attempting to document my Toronto International Film Festival Experience (As always, available at ChantelleJoy.com/TIFF).

A very small redesign of the site proper, and I’ll be working on getting all the Export (twitter, facebook, etc) kinks worked out before the festival starts.

This year I’ve already decided to only see about half the films I saw last year. My 2010 Schedule was intense, to say the least. I purchased tickets to see 23 Movies in 10 days and unsurprisingly, wore myself out completely. I got sick right at the end of the run, and only ended up seeing 17 of them. Not that 17 movies in 9 days isn’t anything to be ashamed of, especially since many of the movies I saw won Oscars (Black Swan, Kings Speech, In A Better World). However, it crushed me, and I will not make the same mistake again.

So far these are the movies that have made my Must See List:

A Dangerous Method
Why: Viggo Mortensen, Vincent Cassel and Keira Knightly in a movie directed by David Cronenberg? This is like, all of my favourite things in one. The only movie I’ll definitely be trying to get Gala tix to.

Why: While I’m no fan of Kirstin Dunst (in fact, I’d call myself an anti-fan), I am a huge fan of Lars von Trier, and having Alexander Skarsgard in your film helps too.

Why:: I enjoy films by Good Ol’ Christian Madsen, Flame & Citron was one of my favorite movies from 2008. Allison loves Paprika Steen, too, so that just works out.

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Why: Allison says this is one of the most celebrating flicks from Sundance, but I simply think it looks like a creepy and interesting psycho-thriller.

Why: Of the Midnight Madness offerings this year, this one looked the most interesting to me. However, I’m often surprised by the quality of MM programming, so maybe something else will pop out.

Sleeping Beauty
Why: Before even seeing this, I think I can accuratly describe it as “Dollhouse” meets “Eyes Wide Shut”, which sounds interesting! First time writer/director too, which is interesting.

Comic Con Episode IV – A Fans Hope
Why: Because I cannot get enough of Morgan Splurlock’s Popcorn documentaries. Seriously, I am attending FanExpo between now and the festival, which is basically Canadian ComicCon Lite. Sadly, these are my people.

Death of a Superhero
Why: Mostly because I will watch anything Andy Serkis is in, but the kid from “Love Actually” is also a pretty awesome little actor, I’m very interested to see him tackle this story.

Those are basically it. The ones I want to most see, there are a few others that may work as backups, and a few others I’ll see with friends, but that’s my shortlist. Now, I await the schedule!